Explanation of recent Svaha LLC downtime

Hello Svaha clients - I know many of you were affected by several of our servers going offline this past Sunday. The technical explanation is below, but the short version is there was a power outage because of an icestorm in Michigan (It's spring right?) where our servers are located and while we're supposed to have redundant power, that didn't ... Read More »

19th Apr 2018
Svaha Client Newsletter - Fall 2017

Greetings from Svaha LLC. This newsletter is for all our current web hosting clients, if you feel you received this in error, please let us know. It’s hard to believe Svaha LLC has been in the web hosting, design and consulting business for over 21 years. From our humble beginnings in 1996 using a server located on a file cabinet in the main ... Read More »

24th Nov 2017
Moving all accounts to new 'Cloud' servers

Moving to Cloud Servers: We’re moving all accounts to faster & more redundant “cloud” servers. These servers have redundant CPU, RAM, SSD hard drives, network and power. What this means for you is there is now a very low risk of any downtime as a result of any hardware problem. If your account isn’t on one of our faster servers yet, ... Read More »

22nd Nov 2017
New Hosting Rates - Starting December 1, 2017

As the internet grows, our need for security, responsiveness, and reliability online increases. In our 20+ years hosting and designing websites, we have always prided ourselves in providing the best services possible while keeping our rates as low as possible. However, the time has come for us to upgrade our offerings, and sadly this requires we ... Read More »

21st Nov 2017
Connection problems? Our firewall is a bit overprotective

In case you ever find you can’t connect to us at all odds are it’s not our servers being offline that almost never happens (knock on wood). It’s more likely our server firewall has blocked your IP address after too many password failures. Our server detects multiple failures as someone trying to attack us and blocks them. Usually this is a ... Read More »

11th Feb 2015
December 2013 News

Hello Svaha Customers, We thank you so much for choosing us as your web host. Your business is appreciated and we are happy to be able to help so many people do more online every day. We started Svaha over 18 years ago and have been honored to be associated with so many unique and interesting businesses and individuals. We are writing to ... Read More »

2nd Dec 2013
Svaha Server Status

It's been a bad day for Svaha. The datacenter where our servers are hosted had a cooling unit fail this morning. This overheating caused several drives in our primary server to fail. We have replaced those drives and are now restoring from backups. We expect the server to be back up later tonight. You can check status updates on our twitter feed ... Read More »

21st Mar 2013